Flocked Christmas Tree Decorated – 2023

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Flocked Christmas Tree Decorated – 2023

Why Choose a Flocked Christmas Tree?

Flocked Christmas trees have become increasingly popular in recent years. The soft, fluffy appearance of the flocking gives the tree a snow-covered look, adding a touch of winter wonderland to your home. Many people find flocked trees to be more visually appealing and unique compared to traditional green trees. Additionally, flocking can help create a cohesive and elegant look when decorating your tree, as the flocking acts as a neutral base for ornaments and lights.

How to Decorate a Flocked Christmas Tree

Step 1: Fluff and Shape the Tree

Before decorating your flocked Christmas tree, make sure to fluff and shape the branches. This will help create a fuller and more natural look. Gently separate the branches and spread them out to fill any gaps.

Step 2: Choose a Color Scheme

Decide on a color scheme for your tree decorations. Popular options include classic red and green, elegant silver and gold, or whimsical pastel colors. Having a color scheme in mind will make it easier to select ornaments and other decorations.

Step 3: Start with Lights

Begin by stringing lights on your flocked tree. Opt for white or clear lights to enhance the snowy effect. Start from the top and work your way down, wrapping the lights around the branches. Make sure to distribute the lights evenly for a balanced look.

Step 4: Add Garlands and Ribbons

Next, add garlands or ribbons to your flocked tree. These can be draped horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. Choose garlands or ribbons that complement your chosen color scheme.

Step 5: Hang Ornaments

Now it’s time to hang your ornaments. Start with larger, statement ornaments and place them evenly around the tree. Then, fill in the gaps with smaller ornaments. Mix different shapes and sizes for added visual interest.

Step 6: Finish with Tree Topper and Tree Skirt

Complete the look of your flocked Christmas tree by adding a beautiful tree topper. Popular options include stars, angels, or bows. Finally, don’t forget to place a tree skirt around the base of the tree to hide the tree stand and add a polished touch.

Tips for Maintaining a Flocked Christmas Tree

To keep your flocked Christmas tree looking its best, follow these tips:

1. Avoid Excessive Handling

Flocked trees can shed flocking if touched too much. Minimize handling and avoid brushing against the branches to prevent flocking from falling off.

2. Store Properly

When the holiday season is over, store your flocked tree in a cool, dry place to prevent the flocking from deteriorating. Use a tree storage bag or box to protect the tree from dust and damage.

3. Consider Flock Refreshing

If your flocked tree starts to lose its snowy appearance after a few years, you can consider refreshing the flocking. There are DIY flocking kits available or professional flocking services that can help restore your tree’s snowy look.


Flocked Christmas trees decorated with care and attention can truly transform your home into a winter wonderland. By following the steps outlined above and maintaining your tree properly, you can enjoy the beauty and elegance of a flocked tree for many holiday seasons to come.