Trim Ideas For Ceilings

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When it comes to home renovations, the ceiling is often overlooked. However, incorporating interesting trim ideas can transform a plain ceiling into a stunning focal point. Whether you have a high or low ceiling, there are numerous options to explore. In this article, we will discuss some popular trim ideas for ceilings in 2023.

1. Crown Molding

Crown molding is a classic and timeless option that adds elegance to any room. It is installed at the intersection of the wall and ceiling, providing a smooth transition. You can choose from various designs and sizes to suit your preferences and the style of your home. Crown molding can be made of wood, plaster, or even lightweight polyurethane for easier installation.

2. Tray Ceilings

Tray ceilings are a popular choice for adding depth and dimension to a room. They feature a recessed center section that is higher than the surrounding edges, resembling an inverted tray. Installing crown molding along the edges of the tray ceiling can enhance its beauty. You can also consider incorporating lighting fixtures within the recessed area to create a dramatic effect.

3. Beam Ceilings

Beam ceilings bring a rustic and charming feel to any space. They can be made of real wood or faux beams, depending on your preference and budget. Beams can be installed parallel to each other or in a crisscross pattern, depending on the desired aesthetic. This type of ceiling trim works well in rooms with a farmhouse or cottage-style decor.

4. Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings are a popular choice for adding architectural interest to a room. They feature a series of sunken panels that create a grid-like pattern. The panels can be square, rectangular, or even octagonal, depending on your preference. Coffered ceilings work well in rooms with high ceilings, as they can make the space feel more intimate and cozy.

5. Medallions

Medallions are decorative elements that can be installed in the center of a ceiling. They are typically made of lightweight materials such as plaster or polyurethane. Medallions come in various designs and sizes, allowing you to choose one that complements the style of your home. They can be painted or left in their natural color, depending on the desired effect.

6. Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles are a versatile option for adding texture and visual interest to a ceiling. They are available in various materials, including metal, plastic, and even wood. Ceiling tiles can be installed in a grid pattern or used to create a decorative design. They are a great option for rooms with high ceilings, as they can help absorb sound and improve acoustics.

7. Wallpaper

Using wallpaper on the ceiling is a unique and creative way to add personality to a room. There are numerous wallpaper designs available, ranging from subtle patterns to bold prints. Wallpaper can be applied directly to the ceiling or used in combination with other trim ideas, such as crown molding or medallions. It is important to choose a wallpaper that is suitable for high-moisture areas, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

8. Painted Trim

Painting the trim on your ceiling can create a striking contrast and highlight the architectural features of the room. You can choose a color that complements the walls or opt for a bold and contrasting hue. Painting the trim is a cost-effective way to update the look of your ceiling without investing in expensive materials.

9. Stenciled Designs

Stenciled designs are a popular trend in ceiling trim. They can add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to a room. Stencils are available in various patterns and designs, allowing you to create a unique and personalized ceiling. You can use stencils in combination with other trim ideas, such as crown molding or ceiling tiles, to create a cohesive look.


When it comes to ceiling trim ideas, the possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer a classic and elegant look or a more contemporary and creative design, there is something for everyone. By incorporating interesting trim ideas, you can transform your ceiling into a stunning focal point that adds character and style to any room in your home.