Modern Laundry Room Ideas In 2023

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Top 10 Modern Utility & Laundry Room Trends


In today’s fast-paced world, having a modern and efficient laundry room is essential. Gone are the days when laundry rooms were hidden in the basement or a small corner of the house. With the advancements in technology and design, laundry rooms have become stylish and functional spaces that make the chore of doing laundry a breeze. In this article, we will explore some modern laundry room ideas that will transform this mundane task into a pleasant experience.

1. Utilize Vertical Space

One of the key aspects of modern laundry room design is maximizing the use of vertical space. Install wall-mounted shelves or cabinets to store laundry essentials such as detergent, fabric softener, and stain removers. This not only keeps everything organized but also frees up valuable counter space for folding clothes.

2. Incorporate Smart Appliances

In 2023, smart appliances are all the rage. Consider investing in a smart washing machine and dryer that can be controlled through an app on your phone. These appliances offer features like remote start, cycle monitoring, and notifications when the laundry is done. They not only save time and energy but also add a touch of convenience to your laundry routine.

3. Add a Folding Station

A dedicated folding station is a must-have in any modern laundry room. Install a countertop or a folding table where you can neatly fold and stack your clothes. You can also add a hanging rod above the folding station to hang freshly ironed clothes or air-dry delicate garments.

4. Create a Sorting System

Sorting clothes before washing is an essential step to prevent color bleeding and preserve the quality of your garments. Create a sorting system in your laundry room by using different laundry baskets or bins labeled with whites, darks, and delicates. This will make the process of doing laundry more organized and efficient.

5. Install Proper Lighting

Good lighting is crucial in a laundry room to ensure that you can see stains and spots on clothes properly. Install bright LED lights or task lighting above the washing machine and folding station. You can also consider adding a window or a skylight to bring in natural light, making the space feel more inviting.

6. Use Durable and Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

Laundry rooms are prone to spills and stains, so it is essential to choose durable and easy-to-clean surfaces. Opt for materials like quartz or laminate for countertops, as they are resistant to stains and scratches. Install a backsplash to protect the walls from water splashes and detergent spills.

7. Maximize Storage

A well-designed laundry room should have ample storage to keep things organized. Install overhead cabinets or open shelves to store laundry baskets, cleaning supplies, and other essentials. Utilize the space above the washing machine and dryer by adding a shelf or a hanging rack to store items like ironing boards or clothes hangers.

8. Add a Utility Sink

A utility sink is a practical addition to any laundry room. It allows you to hand wash delicate items, rinse off stains, or fill buckets with water. Choose a sink with a deep basin and a high-quality faucet that can withstand heavy use.

9. Make it a Multi-Purpose Space

If you have limited space, consider making your laundry room serve multiple purposes. Install a countertop that can double as a workspace for folding clothes or a craft area. You can also add a small seating area with a comfortable chair or a bench where you can relax while waiting for the laundry to finish.


With these modern laundry room ideas, doing laundry will no longer be a mundane chore. Transform your laundry room into a functional and stylish space that makes the task enjoyable. Incorporate smart appliances, maximize storage, and create a sorting system to streamline your laundry routine. Remember to choose durable surfaces, proper lighting, and add a folding station for added convenience. Let your laundry room be a reflection of your personal style and make this everyday chore a breeze!