Shelf Ideas For Laundry Room: Maximize Your Space And Organization

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Having a well-organized laundry room can make a huge difference in your daily routine. With the right shelves, you can easily store and access laundry essentials, cleaning supplies, and even extra linens. In this article, we will explore some creative and practical shelf ideas for your laundry room in 2023, helping you maximize your space and keep everything tidy.

1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a popular choice for laundry rooms as they provide a sleek and modern look. These shelves can be installed on any wall, allowing you to utilize vertical space efficiently. You can add multiple floating shelves at different heights to store detergent, fabric softener, and other laundry supplies. Consider choosing shelves with built-in hooks or rods to hang clothes or drying racks.

2. Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is a versatile and budget-friendly option for laundry rooms. These shelves are easy to install and can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. The open design allows for better air circulation, preventing musty odors and mildew. Use wire baskets or plastic bins to organize smaller items like socks, cleaning brushes, or stain removers. You can also hang mesh bags from the shelves to store delicate garments.

3. Over-the-Door Shelves

If you have limited wall space, consider adding over-the-door shelves to your laundry room. These shelves can be mounted on the back of the door, providing additional storage without taking up valuable square footage. Use them to store cleaning supplies, ironing accessories, or even folded towels. Opt for shelves with adjustable heights to accommodate different items.

4. Built-In Cabinets

If you prefer a more polished and concealed look, built-in cabinets might be the perfect solution for your laundry room. These cabinets can be custom-made to fit your space and offer ample storage options. You can choose to have a combination of shelves and drawers, allowing you to keep your laundry essentials neatly organized. Consider adding a countertop above the cabinets to create a folding station.

5. Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

A wall-mounted drying rack is a practical addition to any laundry room. This type of shelving can be folded up when not in use, saving you valuable space. Use it to hang delicate garments or items that need to air dry. Some wall-mounted drying racks come with additional shelves or hooks, providing extra storage for laundry supplies.

6. Ladder Shelves

If you’re looking for a more rustic and decorative option, ladder shelves can add a unique touch to your laundry room. These shelves can be leaned against the wall, offering a stylish way to display your laundry essentials. Use the rungs of the ladder to hang clothes or towels. You can also add baskets or bins on the shelves to keep smaller items organized.

7. Corner Shelves

Make the most out of every corner in your laundry room by adding corner shelves. These shelves are designed to fit snugly in the corner, maximizing your storage space. Use them to store laundry detergents, stain removers, or even a small plant to add a touch of greenery to your space. Consider choosing corner shelves with adjustable heights to accommodate different-sized items.

8. Rolling Shelves

Rolling shelves are a convenient option for laundry rooms, especially if you have limited space. These shelves come with wheels, allowing you to easily move them around as needed. Use them to store laundry baskets, cleaning supplies, or even a portable ironing board. Rolling shelves can be tucked away when not in use, providing flexibility and functionality.

9. Open Shelving with Baskets

Open shelving combined with baskets can create a visually appealing and organized laundry room. Choose sturdy and decorative baskets that fit the style of your space. Use them to store smaller items like dryer sheets, lint rollers, or sewing supplies. The open shelves allow for easy access to your essentials while adding a touch of personality to your laundry room.


With these shelf ideas for your laundry room, you can transform a cluttered space into an organized and functional area. Whether you opt for floating shelves, wire shelving, or built-in cabinets, remember to consider your specific needs and the available space. By utilizing these creative storage solutions, you can make your laundry routine more efficient and enjoyable.