Christmas Fun Facts Around The World

Austria British kids are well acquainted with Father Christmas Santa Claus or Saint Nick but they can consider themselves lucky they dont live in Austria where a ghoulish creature called Krampus the evil accomplice of St Nicholas is said to wander the streets in search of badly-behaved children. The Christmas season which begins with Thanksgiving brings joy and festivity to everyones lives.

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Japan In Japan Christmas is considered the Festival of Love.

Christmas fun facts around the world. Christmas traditions around the world are diverse but share key traits that often involve themes of light evergreens and hope. Its a tradition that dates back centuries to when people believed that witches and evil spirits came out on Christmas Eve looking for brooms to ride on. Hailed as the most unholy time of year Svyatki as the Russians call it runs from the Orthodox Christmas.

Probably the most celebrated. Because the plant spreads by bird droppings mistletoe Viscum album gets its name from the Anglo-Saxon term misteltan which means small dung twig. Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated in a lot of the world and a lot of countries have really unique and sometimes even strange traditions attached to it.

Thanksgiving is a day when people praise God for providing them with a plentiful harvest and express gratitude for all the good things and people in their lives. In December many families decorate their houses with Christmas ornaments and Christmas lights. Each night before Christmas Icelandic children are visited by the 13 Yule Lads.

Nearly 28 LEGO kits are sold per second throughout the Christmas season one of the Christmas fun facts around the world. 8 In Germany Heiligabend or Christmas Eve is said to be a magical time when the pure in heart can hear animals talking. From watching a fireplace on TV to eating at KFC there are some really unusual Christmas traditions around the world.

Christmas is a time steeped in traditions and customs that vary around the world. The two billion people who celebrate it cant be wrongChristmas really is a wonderful time of the year. Christmas is celebrated on 25th December.

Did you know Father Christmas has loads of different names. Its the raw flesh of 500 auk birds. 10 Spooky Halloween Traditions From Around The World.

Facts about Christmas 1 Christmas is a Christian festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ who Christians believe was the son of God. On Christmas Day most people wear white or red-colored clothing. Many with such historical roots weve probably forgotten how they all originated.

Read more about Christmas traditions here. For most people it takes place every year on 25 December the day that the Roman Catholic Church chose to mark Jesus birthday. Glass Christmas tree ornaments were first produced in Germany during the 1850s.

Christmas Facts Around The World Christmas is celebrated differently around the world so here are some awesome facts to help you learn more about the festive season worldwide. On this day Italians celebrate Epiphany Day and according to popular belief a witch called La Befana arrives in the night to fill good childrens stockings with sweets while naughty ones get chunks of black coal. Argentina On Christmas Eve paper lanterns called globos float into the night sky.

After placing their shoes by the window the little ones will head upstairs to bed. Jingle Bells was written for Thanksgiving- This is one fact that will shock most of the people reading a well-known Christmas not truly a Christmas. Brazil In the countrys tropical climate children believe Papai Noel enters through the front door and travels in a helicopter.

Families typically go to the sauna together on Christmas Eve. Read on to see just how this festive holiday is celebrated the world over sometimes in. 1 Countries in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate Christmas during their summer months although the date is the same those in the northern hemisphere are awaiting the snow whilst those on the other side are in the.

Similar to the 12 days of Christmas in the US Iceland celebrates 13. Kriss Kringle in Germany Le Befana it Italy Pere Noel in France and Deushka Moroz Grandfather Frost in. Jingle Bells was written to commemorate the famed Medford sleigh races and was to be sung during by a Sunday class during Thanksgiving.

As far as Christmas traditions around the world go Russia has plenty from swapping Santa Claus for Father Frost to a meatless Christmas Eve feast but none more fascinating than the countrys celebration of Christmastide. These are the most unusual Christmas traditions around the world. Theres plenty of food trivia to discover about festive time from the feasting to the singing.

Presents are exchanged on January 6th the Twelfth Night the same night that the Three Kings gave gifts to baby Jesus Fun Fact 10. Bolivia Misa del Gallo Mass of the Rooster is celebrated on Christmas Eve. In Spain Christmas celebrations begin on 8 December with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Christmas in the USA. Christmas is literally the Mass of Christ when Christians attend mass and remember that Jesus died for us. Brew a cup o tea when trimming your tree this year to pay homage to its origins.

50 Things To Do for Christmas in Georgia. When Prince Albert of Germany got a tree for his new wife Queen Victoria of England it really took off across. Christmas is a Christian holiday marking the birth of Jesus Christ the Son of God according to Christianity so assuming all Christians celebrate thats about 315 of the worlds population or just a cool 22 billion or so people.

People greet each other a Merry Christmas and pray that the holiday removes. Christmas around the World. Yet not everyone marks this day in the same way.

Here are 14 fun facts about Christmas. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was invented by Montgomery Ward copywriter Robert L. Perhaps one of the most unorthodox Christmas Eve traditions can be found in Norway where people hide their brooms.

8 The earliest known Christmas tree decorations were apples. In 1962 the first Christmas postage stamp was issued in the United States. Residents from the icy country like to eat kivack on Christmas.

Did you know that English people ate a pigs head with mustard as their Christmas meal before it became tradition to have turkey. May in 1939 as a way to lure customers into the store. Christmas isnt just a day its a frame of mind Miracle on 34th Street.

On Christmas Day families get together for a festive meal after exchanging gifts.

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