30+ Delightful Home Office Design Ideas For Women

The world has evolved considerably since the days when the only workrooms within the home were considered to be ‘his study’ or ‘his workshop’. It was uncertain just how much work was undertaken in these rooms, but their attractions appeared to increase as domestic pressures mounted!

Today the spheres of work, study and leisure frequently merge. Many more women have taken up employment in recent years and family commitments mean that, in many cases, the home has become the most suitable location for work. Technology too has played its part, enabling information to be swapped from remote locations and rendering commuting to the city office an obsolete practice for many. Technology has also meant that domestic chores are reduced, thus freeing many more hours for leisure pursuits.

The rewards of combining work and leisure in the home are numerous and, by now, well recognized. A work package that includes spending the day in close proximity to loved ones, the elimination of wasted travel time and the possibility of working in an altogether more pleasant environment is indeed attractive.

It is not necessary, nor is it always practical, to devote a large space or considerable budget to providing a work area – it may even be self-defeating if the income gained through employment is eroded by the cost of providing facilities and if the space sacrificed detracts from family life. Perhaps just an old door supported by two second-hand filing cabinets (which will double up as a dressing table) in the spare room are all that is needed. It is really just a question of priorities. However, one thing we are sure of is that a room that is properly equipped, well located and appropriately decorated is more conducive to work than one that has to serve other purposes as well.


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