20+ Latest Kids Room Design Ideas That Will Make Kids Happy

Designing a kid’s room can be a bit difficult; most of my younger clients want ponies (real ones). The question is how do you let them have their input and not destroy the decor in the rest of your home? And how do you make a design that can last through the years?

This can be the best experience for the family or a horrible disaster. Having said all that, my favorite clients are children; I love their enthusiasm, pure joy and creativity.

How do you get your child involved and keep a good design? Start with asking questions, write down everything. Questions like, what kinds of things would you like to see in your room? You already know their interests (cars, ballerinas, or mod teenage decor), find out how they see them in the room. What favorite colors? Get ready for this one, they usually like bold bright colors, write them down and show them some colors and see which color really is pink to them.

Don’t go overboard with large and expensive changes. I tend use more accessories and paint. Great options are removable wall decals; they come in every size, color and theme. They will give you a great look, using the child’s interest with a small price tag. You can blend them with a wall color (their choice) even if just on an accent wall. Another favorite of mine are carpet tiles; they add great color and texture. Using accessories that follow the theme of the room make it is easy to change in the next few years as you child and their interest grow.


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