20+ Fantastic Mediterranean Swimming Pool Designs Ideas Out Of Your Dreams

When searching for a house to buy, there’s one feature that can often stop people dead in their tracks, one that often proves the decisive factor when weighing up all of the options. A swimming pool is the ultimate addition to any home and can make the difference between a good house and an exceptional house.

Approximately 30 years ago, owning a swimming pool was regarded a luxury and also suggested a certain degree of wealth. If you knew of someone who owned one, you’d go out of your way to become their best friends, especially if you were significant distance from a lake, river or the ocean.

Very simple above ground kit set swimming pools were quite popular in the 80s and in ground pools were quickly making their presence felt. The shapes and sizes available were relatively limited and the prices were out of reach for many home owners.

Now days, pools are made from a variety of materials and they’re also available in a number of colours, shapes and sizes. The demand for pools is much higher now and for that reason more and more people are in the pool-building industry. This has helped bring down the prices, meaning they’re a viable home fixture option for people of nearly all incomes.


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