30+ Comfy Kitchen Balcony Design Ideas That Looks Cool

Designing a kitchen garden balcony doesn’t only provide colorful attractive tiny and dwarf varieties of fruits and vegetables looks but also provide your dinner table with fresh food.

There are so many varieties, which you can grow in hanging baskets or other pots and tubs in a limited place, such as miniature cherry tomatoes are best to grow in hanging baskets, other options may include dwarf courgettes, miniature aubergines, and an ornamental sweet pepper plant that produces fruit in different shades of purple, red and yellow, which are nothing less than any exotic plant.

If luckily your balcony is a real suntrap, the best available option is the high-rise gourmet that can do their best with early ripening and good yields. Some modern varieties and hybrids are so bred to produce the maximum fruit from the miniature plants, for instance, from just a single plant of tomatoes or soft fruit, you can get 5 kilogram (10 lb) of fruit.

The selection of plants largely depends on the size of your kitchen balcony. You can start from pot grown herbs, strawberries, or tomatoes to raised timber beds or boxes in which you can grow salad plants like spring onions, perpetual corn salad, radishes, and Little Gem lettuces.


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