20+ Top Blue Master Bedroom Design Ideas That Looks Great

Everyone wants their master bedroom to be a safe haven with a warm atmosphere and clean lines and one way to achieve that is to use Mission style decorating. Using a blend of art nouveau style accessories along with Stickley furniture as well as deep greens and browns, this design theme can transform your master bedroom into a peaceful and nostalgic dream.

In the bedroom, window treatments are very important, but you must make them match with the Mission style. You are going for a heavy antique style, so don’t forget this when buying drapes or valances and sheers. You might contemplate acquiring wood blinds to balance your window design.

Show off your decorating theme with a bed and bureaus that enhance the general design style. Oak is the ideal wood for Mission d├ęcor and you want to buy pieces that have the clean lines of this style. You probably won’t be able to find too many antique pieces but there are a lot of reproductions that are quite lovely.

Nice lighting fixtures can be a great way to round out your Mission style decorating project. The most suitable form of lighting to think about for this decorating scheme is that which is bronze and leaded glass. So, installing this decorating style of bedside lamps in your master bedroom can help make the lighting fixtures a pivotal part of the decorating theme.


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