30+ Astonishing Exterior Paint Colors Ideas For House With Brown Roof

There are many reasons why you may be considering repainting the exterior of your home. Perhaps you are trying to sell your house, your original exterior paint is fading or damaged, or you may just be in the mood for a new look for your home.

New paint can add curb appeal to your house, and if selling, a new coat of paint on the exterior will have a tremendous effect on the value of your home. Remember that, in addition to increased house value, the value of your entire neighborhood will rise with a new exterior paint job.

Choosing the correct paint colors will be critical in determining the final outcome of your decision. In other words, taking the time to consider the effects of your color choices can be the difference between a stunning home and a tacky house.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Rohm & Hass Paint Quality Institute, the most popular color choice of homes across America is white or off-white. Second is beige, tan, or brown with 28% of people claiming those colors as their home’s colors. Next is gray, followed by blue, then green and yellow. Coming in last on the list is red and pink.

A similar study conducted by Realty Time Magazine offers slightly different results, with white again having the majority of votes, but followed by gray, then blue, tan/brown, cream, beige, green, yellow, and red in last again. It may be obvious that white is the most common color, because white is actually the color with the most shades (even though white is not actually a color, but a neutral).


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