30+ Unusual Stuff Organizing Ideas For Garage Storage To Try

Garage storage systems help you organize your less used household items in the garage. Is it hard to find your tools? Is there never a place to store things? These days you have a wide range of storage systems to choose from. There are many different ways to use those systems also. Here are some that may be worth your consideration.

The types of items you have to store will influence what type of storage you need. Storage bins and tubs will work well for organizing. These let you create your own unique organizing systems.

Panel systems are a good way to start and give you many options for storage. There’s a large variety of panel storage, which consists of slat panels mounted horizontally on your wall. Within the grooves, you may put screws, nails, or hooks. You could hang your favorite tools, or anything else.

Grid type panels are another good choice. These panels come with feet that allow them stand alone, without wall support. You can find both hollow and three dimensional versions. They let you place hooks in any panel that you choose so that you may not only hang tools, you can also hang storage items like bins and baskets. Storing and organizing many small items on one panel is very simple. They are often six feet tall and two feet across.


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