20+ Modern Diy Firepit Ideas For Your Yard This Year

Creating a natural firepit is a simple process, though it does take some physical effort. Making this kind of firepit can be a nice family activity, and the perfect permanent addition to your favorite camping spot, or as a gathering point in your back yard. Imagine gathering around it for years to come on holidays like Halloween, family gatherings and cook-outs, parties and special occasions.

The first step is choosing a location for your fire pit. Keep in mind this will be a permanent fixture so place it carefully. It is suggested that you lay out a circle of stones just to get an idea of what the site will look like. Then mark the site so you get it right, you do not want to be going through the process twice.

Next the pit must be dug, this is one of the hardest parts of the process but, do not give up the pay off is tremendous. Share the work load, take turns with older children or your spouse.

Fill the pit half way with gravel. Drainage is important to the drying ability of the pit, no drainage and you have a puddle not a pit.

Now your ready for the first stone layer. Place your first stone on the upper ring and make it level, then place the next stone and level it. If leveling the stone is difficult you can use a rubber mallet to tamp them in place.


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