30+ Cozy Rock Garden Landscaping Ideas For Make Your Yard Beautiful

Not every landscape is perfect and having a rock garden can help in many of those areas. You might have an area that is just too shaded and you can’t have plants because there just isn’t enough sun during the day to help them grow, or you may have an area that has become too dry because you’re either going through a drought or rain just won’t reach it.

Or, maybe you have too much rain and your land is just too soggy to support good vegetation and has now become very swampy. Rock gardens can help in all of these problem areas and most are very low maintenance.

Good planning can help any novice to rock gardens, but sometimes a professional’s opinion can be the difference between ordinary and magnificent. If your land is too rocky, then you can just clear up some of the rock and try to arrange what is left in an aesthetically pleasing pattern.

Adding some shallow rooted plants can help break up a large, rocky area with some green. Or, if the area is too dense with rock, then you could build a border around the area with an artificial border, such as railroad ties – or use small plants to trace around it.

Arthur C. Rice

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