20+ Cool Garden Fence Decoration Ideas To Try This Year

Sensational looking fencing! Wattle fencing is a type of fence made of sticks that are woven together. A genuine traditional “hurdle” is made without the use of nails or any sawn parts. The hazel is split by hand, which retains the strength of the plant fibres, and is twisted around the end uprights every 4-5 inches, making a light yet strong fence panel.

Any panel with nails or sawn parts is a weak imitation and should be avoided – although they are considerably cheaper than the traditional panel. Wattle fencing is attractive as well as functional. It’s a decorative fence that makes lovely use of natural resources and can add charm as well as security to your property.

Wattle fences are easy to make and cost almost nothing to build. These fence panels make attractive screens for garden or stately home. Woven from either hazel or willow to a traditional pattern, they bring a part of the countryside into your garden.

Chain-Link fencing is right at the opposite end of the spectrum when compared to Wattle! Chain Link is a man-made “built for function” fence that is primarily installed for security. It requires no maintenance at all, as it is made from galvanised chain-link wire with galvanised posts which are concreted securely into the ground. It has a number of key advantages over solid fencing. It’s much cheaper; it’s very secure; it needs no maintenance and it has a life span of over 30 years.


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