20+ Astonishing Organization And Storage Ideas To Copy Right Now

Like with any closet, it’s tempting to simply throw your belongings inside a storage unit with no organization plan whatsoever. Tempting, yes, but then what happens when you need to find something? Don’t open your storage unit with that awful mixture of fear and embarrassment. It only takes a little planning and preparation to organize a storage unit so that you can always find just what you’re looking for. Plus, you can feel confident that it is clean, safe, and efficient.

The process starts with packing, that dreaded but necessary process. Take your time with it and be thoughtful, starting with grouping and labeling. Similar objects all belong in the same box. Take it room by room, keeping all your kitchen items together, your office supplies together, etc.

That way, you can easily label each box. When you label, use a thick marker and write on the top as well as all four sides (so that no matter where it’s placed, the contents are obvious). Use words that clearly define what’s inside the box. Sometimes, you’ll only need one word (ex: books) and other times, when the box is full of miscellaneous stuff, you’ll need more (ex: airplane magazines, art projects, and old t-shirts).

Be specific with your word choice so that when you do come looking for those airplane magazines, you’ll know exactly where to find them, and use words like Fragile and Heavy when applicable. And finally, be sure to pack the whole box so that once you begin stacking, the boxes won’t collapse.


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