30+ Fantastic Transitional Furniture Decoration Ideas You Will Want To Try

You’re not a liberal or a conservative. You like cats and dogs, and have no preference regarding Coca-Cola or Pepsi. You are a middleman without being a middleman. In short, you enjoy things that are agreeably moderate and don’t interfere too much with your daily routine.

You want spontaneity, but not necessarily the unexpected. As a result, your home is probably neither too traditional nor ultra contemporary. This, my even-tempered friend, is transitional furniture, and if your home isn’t full of it, maybe you’re leaning too heavily one way or another.

There are those that decorate their homes as though it belongs in another century-specifically, the one with the French Revolution. Curlicues, ornamentation, and baroque are not styles you appreciate in furniture. Then again, you don’t much favor the sharp lines and starkness of contemporary furniture either. And you certainly don’t own a Colonial style canopy bed or a country home dining table. No, your bedroom furniture is transitional because you want it to be able to blend with everything and anything. You admire the details that are part of traditional furniture, but also approve of the simplicity of contemporary furniture. For you, the choice is not “what goes with this?” so much as “what doesn’t go with this?”

Transitional furniture is the perfect blend, since it’s not extreme either way. The two things it holds dear are comfort and functionality, which is what you want out of furniture anyway. Metal and glass, contemporary materials, are combined with solid hardwoods in cherry, a more traditional finish. Lush fabrics and modern shapes are upholstered as one. Curves and lines are integrated but they don’t look overly formal. However, if it seems like a dining table is too severe, it probably belongs in a more contemporary setting. On the contrary, a dining table with heavily decorated feet and a mahogany finish is probably too traditional for your tastes.


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