30+ Incredible Bathroom Design Ideas For Summer

Remodeling a bathroom in NYC is both fun and dangerous… usually only dangerous to the wallet! So how can you remodel your space on a budget and still get the latest trendy looks? You need to get informed and have a great plan.

We all know that trends come and go, and lets face it, unless you have an endless supply of cash, who can honestly afford, or be bothered, to change the colors of their walls, change flooring or install new appliances every year? So as a general rule it is always a good suggestion to consider the reasons for your project, the budget and the time frame of your project.

The bathroom is a space that we that we use regularly! It is a place where we can relax, get ready for a big day or night or lock ourselves in to when we want to escape form the outside world. The bathroom must also be functional to your needs. As a small apartment resident in NYC, surely you will appreciate any additional live-in space. Even though the bathrooms are usually small, it is still possible to create an illusion of space with this years design trends.

Let’s look at color trends for this year first. We are rapidly approaching summer, if you are one of the lucky ones who have a window in your bathroom you would be thinking about throwing open the windows and letting the fresh summer breezes float in. If not, then you are probably wondering how to create a light and airy energy for this space. The best options for summer are to keep your colors light and neutral. If you want to create a feeling of coolness, stick with whites, blues, limes and other pale choices.

Arthur C. Rice

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