20+ Creative Build Round Firepit Area Ideas For Summer Nights

Are you interested in an outdoor firepit? An outdoor fireplace can be an amazing attraction on your patio, or use anywhere in the yawn. Use it like a campfire in your own backyard! Most firepits can easily be transported anywhere, so you can take on a camping trip or to a friends place if you desire. An outdoor fireplace is like sitting around the campfire, everyone will enjoy gathering around the fire and some will sure want to roast marsh mellows.

There are so many types of firepits on the market today. Take the time to shop around, you may find more and more, and may have a hard time deciding which type to choose. Some common styles are bowl, square, and rounded cylinder. Combine with screened, covered or open style. They are also made from stainless steel, porcelain, slate, iron, or cast aluminum, and with different designs and colors.

Firepits can also provide beauty and warmth. Many have several types of cooking racks, some are designed well for artificial logs. Some are large to hold even the big logs you have to burn and there are sure small pits for those smaller patio areas for a nice small fire.

An example of an affordable porcelain screened type is the Heatwave from Landmann USA. It costs about 60 dollars and is a great starter outdoor fireplace. It is portable with large wheels and has a cover with screen door.

Another example is to build a firepit from scratch using a steel ring and retaining wall blocks around the pit. Cobble circle pavers can also be used around the fireplace.


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