20+ Lovely Farmhouse Master Bedroom Design Ideas

The grand idea behind the successful design of a master bedroom is to combine the three essential components which are function, person and aesthetics. The main function of the bedroom as a place for sleeping should be clearly defined. Placing a television in the bedroom is the prerogative of the person occupying the space. A compromise should be reached before construction and fabrication begins.

The aesthetic aspect of the design deals with the theme that the owners want to have in their bedroom. It is something that will be suitable for the structures in the interior and the adaptation of what is beautiful to the owners. These three components intermingle and overlap with each other. They should be treated with equal attention so an appealing and well-thought out design can be actualized.

The primary furniture in the master bedroom is the bed. Its size must be the biggest one available or at least a queen size one because indulgence is the main idea in designing the biggest bedroom in the house. The room can have a massive sleigh bed, traditional bed with carvings, or a platform bed to contribute to the modern look of the interior. You can also use an exquisitely crafted four-poster opium bed for an oriental-themed bedroom.

The side tables can match the design of the bed or they can accentuate it by having simple inconspicuous designs. The headboard can be a separate entity with a different design and serve as an accent wall for the interior. The fabrics used should be luxurious and mildly intimidating, yet must not sacrifice the comfort of the owners. The other furniture pieces such as a console bench at the foot of the bed, a study desk and chair or a window sofa must each conform to the overall theme of the interior, and must not overshadow the focal point which is the bed. Accessories such as fancy pendant lights or stylish chandeliers, display shelves, sculptures and plants should create attractive diversions in the design so as not to appear dull and monotonous.


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