20+ Newest Warm Home Decor Ideas

Your home is a haven, a place where you can escape from the rigors of the outside world, and be safe and comfortable in a space that’s all your own. The four walls of your home are like barriers to everything annoying, disturbing, or problematic outside. In the winter, one of the worst problems you face is the constant onslaught of snow. That’s why you should strive to decorate your home in such a way that it actually counters the icy nature of the blustery winds outside.

When decorating for a certain temperature, texture is very important. The mere existence of a soft fuzzy blanket in a room, even if its on the other side of the space, is enough to make the environment feel naturally warmer and more snuggly. On the other hand, cool smooth surfaces such as stainless steel or plastic are going to bring to mind chilly thoughts, best left for warmer months.

Color is also important. The darker the space the colder it’s going to feel. This is based on the nature of night, which is always colder, as well as the perception of heat which comes naturally from glowing surfaces. Colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges are going to be far warmer in a room than greens or blue tones, or even darker midnight black shades.

You might also want to consider the illuminated nature of the space. Lighting can make a room take on a warmer, more fulfilled sensation, as if the glow of the bulb were the glow of the sun itself. Of course darker spaces have the opposite effect, feeling cool and intimate and sometimes even a little empty. Light is a great way to combat the seaming cold of winters blight.


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