20+ Bedroom Decorating For Guys

According to feng shui, decorating your bedroom does not only involve choosing the right furniture and colors, but also on following feng shui tips when decorating the room. The main thing kept in mind in feng shui while decorating a bedroom is to improve the romance and partnership in a pair, and to help a single person find a partner. Feng shui tips suggest to first take an objective look at the bedroom and to make sure that there are two of everything in the room to promote pairing. This means even the candles, end tables and statuaries too should be in pairs here. And if the furniture is meant for a single bed, at least have a double bed placed in the room.

The artwork in the room should have couples and not lone figures of a man or woman. Bed sheets should always be clean while the decoration made according to your taste, and your partner’s taste. To ensure the free flow of energy in the bedroom, feng shui tips include removing all stuff under the bed and to remove work related material like computers and exercise equipment from the room. This is because work should be in the work place, and not in the bedroom.

The bedroom is an important room of the house as this is where you get to get a good night’s sleep. With the help of the right feng shui tips, it is possible to make this night’s sleep a much better one. The color of the decoration of the room has an important role in feng shui. Preferable colors to use for the bedroom are red, pink or shades of pink as these are all colors of the relationship area of bagua. As these colors may not always suit guys, you could also consider using darker maroons and mauves in the room. While round and oval shapes are encouraged in the room, sharp angles are not as they don’t promote harmony.

To get a good night’s sleep, be careful of what is found at the head of the bed. Too many books on a bed bookshelf leads to clutter and confusion at night. Televisions have to be covered for a good night’s sleep as its eye staring at you will not give a good night sleep. Wooden beds are better then the electricity conducting metal beds. Feng shui tips suggest using lighting that is not too dim or bright in the bedroom while too large mirrors should be avoided as this will only startle you at the middle of the night. The bed headboard should always be against a solid wall and not windows, for better support. The bed should be placed where it is possible to easily see people entering the room. With all these feng shui tips, sleeping should be more enjoyable in the bedroom.


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