30+ Unique Diy Small Planters Ideas

First things first… know what you want to build/create. Diagrams are a great way for you to stay in line with and remember your ideas.

Once you have decided on and drawn how you would like your planter box to look all complete with height, depth, width and with the type of wood and the size of the wood you would like to use, your on your way to building your very own planterbox.

For the posting I stuck to the rule of “How ever high (out of the ground) you want is how far down (in the ground) you should go” and made them no-more than 1.5 mtr apart. As I didn’t want the sleepers I was using to bow. So a few old stakes and a tape measure was out and I started marking where I needed to dig. My local hardware had the quick dry cement I used which was 1 X 20kg bag per post.

Next thing I needed was string and a small level. Once again my local hardware had all this. So I ran the string around each post making sure between each line was level. Then I cut my wood to the sizes I needed. I used some of the offcuts to space the first row off the ground and started along the ground level. High enough to allow for some dirt and grass. Once I reached the height I was after all that was left was to give the wood a light sand and stain.


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