20+ Newest Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding at your house it is essential that you first create a theme. This will provide a unifying aesthetic for the wedding, including the bridal dress and all the outfits worn by the groom’s party. Not only this, but it will determine your decorations and invitations as well. The more complementary all your wedding items are, the more pleasing the overall experience will be for you guests. Let’s see if I can help you figure out what type of theme would be appropriate for you, and also to give you some great decorating ideas for a backyard wedding.

One of the main factors in determining what your wedding theme will be is the outdoor environment itself. You cannot compete with mother nature, nor should you try! Be friends with the environment, take advantage of it. If you have a spectacular beach location, or some rugged mountain terrain, make that the focus of your theme.

Maximize this natural scenery by minimizing the amount of artificial decorations you set up. Consider using understated color schemes that hint at the natural surroundings. Have the stationery reflect the environment, whether it be beach, woodlands, desert or mountains. This will save money and create a unique experience for all involved.

If your backyard does not have a strong character on its on, then you may need to create a more striking theme to compensate. Come up with ideas that emphasize some personal aspect of the wedding couple’s relationship. For example, if they are Irish, use a St. Patrick’s Day theme. If they are jazz lovers, weave that idea into the wedding theme. Once you have a theme, you may need to contract an outside provider who can deliver the necessary paraphernalia to match your theme. For instance, if you go with a Wiccan theme, you will need naturalistic decorations, brown or green tables and chairs, and some type of ecological stationery. There are many companies that specialize in bringing obscure wedding themes to life, so make sure to find one you are comfortable with.


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