30+ Attractive Colorful Bedroom Ideas

Designing your home should suit your taste. Gone are the days of strict decorating rules and narrow room definitions. Where dining rooms were once formal, they are becoming casual or disappearing all together. Where dens were for reading, they became family rooms and are now turning into media rooms.

The bedroom long considered a room that has to be subdued and quiet has shed its shackles and is enjoying bold colors and lively designs. You room’s design should speak to you, and if bold is what you want, then that is what you shall have.

A bedroom can be attractive and restful even with a minimalist approach to the design. By keeping the room monochromatic and the furnishings simple, you can add a single bright element in the room and create an instant focal point taking a room from boring to amazing. A large bold piece of art hung alone over the bed offers a dynamic focus on a blank canvass.

While monochromatic with a pop of color is appealing, so is a room with many contrasting elements. By using black and white throughout the room the effect is to essentially create a blank canvas just as a single color would. Just like its monochromatic counterpart, the black and white contrasting room can then offer a focal point with a single bold colored element such as a bed cover or a piece of art.


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