20+ Stunning Diy Travel Trailers Camper Storage Organization Ideas

If you find yourself trying to create more quality time with the family, you just might find yourself dreaming about and eventually in the market to purchase some type of RV.

Perhaps you have already reduced your decision making process to the point of deciding between a motorhome, towable travel trailer, or truck camper – here are some very practical, brass-tack considerations.

If value is not your primary concern, and many luxuries of your home life are critical in your decision making process, you will have several makes and models of motorhomes or travel trailers to choose from.

We recommend a late model pre-owned motorhome or travel trailer as your best long term investment. You will still have many of the luxuries from home, but let someone else take the big depreciation hit during the first one to three years of ownership.

If you are a value oriented shopper looking for the low acquisition cost and efficient operating costs, than we believe you should give strong consideration to a truck camper or sometimes referred to as a truck camper shell.

During the last five years, truck camper manufacturers have made significant progress in features and strategic use of space. The two primary needs that will be addressed with this decision are luxury and value.


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