20+ Amazing Travel Trailers Remodel Rv Living Ideas

Have you purchased a new RV recently and notice a toxic odor that emits from the interior every time you open the door? Or do you already own an RV that causes your eyes to water, nose to sting and gives you a headache every time you go inside? Generally, the odors you smell and the reactions you are experiencing are a result of various amounts of formaldehyde and other chemicals found in the particle board, glue and other synthetic materials that are used to construct your RV.

Even though there are some regulations regarding the use of these chemicals in certain building materials, the regulations do not totally prohibit the use of toxic chemicals in the use of everyday building items. Many people find that their bodies are annoyed mildly or react seriously to certain chemicals especially when in a small, air tight space such as an RV.

So, is there a way to lessen the toxicity and resulting odors for a healthier RVing experience? The short answer is yes. However, if you have already become very sensitized to certain commonly used chemicals in building materials, then it may be that you can not tolerate even small amounts of it. But for those who are mildly irritated or want to reduce the toxic odor in their new or existing RVs, there are several ways to accomplish this.

1. Wash all the walls and floors. A simple neutralizing agent that is helpful is white vinegar mixed with equal parts water. Be sure to wash down all the cabinets inside and out. You probably will notice a particularly toxic smell on opening the cabinets unless you have solid wood cabinets. If your cabinets are solid wood, don’t wash them.

This not only helps to remove some of the residue that continually seeps from the walls and floors but it also helps to combat mustiness and mold that can build up in parked RVs. There is no need to wash off after applying, just let dry naturally. Do not drip on furniture or bedding although it does not stain. You will notice an immediately fresher smell. You can use this application as often as you want since it will not harm the interior. Also, wash the floors if you have laminate or synthetic tile only.


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