20+ Modern Kitchen Island Decor Ideas

Kitchen islands are important and usable counters of the kitchen and many people like to decorate it in different ways so that it can highlight the room. However, it is not a very good idea to mess it up or clutter it with many items. Families gather at the island for breakfast and many other things.

There are many cabinets in the kitchen but, the kitchen island can be decorated with a lot of imagination. You can use many colors and schemes and be very creative while making the island. It is not a very expensive affair and you can do it in a limited budget. Let us check out some of the ways in which you can decorate kitchen islands on a budget.

You can buy a marble and granite counter-top for your island which will give it a very different and unique look. You just need to replace the island counter and not all the other counters of the kitchen. If you want you can co-ordinate with the theme of the other kitchen furniture and decoration. You can also go for a stone work surface and you will not have to spend much on it. You can check the local home improvement shops just to get an idea about all the things like wainscoting, furniture feet and decorative columns. All these factors are used for elegant and classy kitchen sets and you can get them for a cheap price. You can actually make your kitchen island unique and give it a very antique look. Make it in such a way that it grabs all the attention.

There are many ways of making your island stand out and grab attention. Sometimes you might face problems and the new piece of furniture might look odd in front of your old cabinets. In this case you will have to paint your island with a completely new color. If you want a modern and contemporary look then you can paint your furniture in black or green. This will create a contrasting effect and will completely change the look of the room.


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