20+ Fascinating Chandelier Lamp Design Ideas For Your Dining Room

Who honestly doesn’t love the elegance and refinement of a gorgeous chandelier? For centuries, chandeliers were found in the finest homes, castles, and palaces throughout the world. The crystal chandelier literally became an iconic status symbol and many can still be found that are just simply too large to be displayed in any home that people actually live in. However, chandeliers are made for use in “real people” homes and the vast majority hang above the dining room table.

Chandeliers are a variety of ceiling fixtures that either provide illumination directly downward or bounce the light upwards where it will then reflect downwards towards the room. In other words, the bulbs are either facing downwards or they are inverted along with the lamp shades in an effort which tends to reduce glare and diffuse light to a greater degree.

Another defining feature of the chandelier is the use of multiple light bulbs and lampshades. Unlike many ceiling fixtures which may use a single bulb with a high wattage output in order to generate the necessary ambient lighting to properly illuminate a space, the chandelier uses several bulbs. This feature of the chandelier allows for the use of bulbs with lower wattage to produce the same or more illumination with less glare and eye strain.

The multiple bulbs and high ambient lighting output tend to make chandeliers the perfect choices for dining rooms. Placed above the dining room table which is generally situated as the focal point of the room anyway, a chandelier naturally suits the space and sparse d├ęcor found in the typical dining room. The only problem is….nobody uses the dining room anymore!!


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