20+ Awesome Christmas Wreath Decoration Ideas For Your Home

When most people get around to Christmas decorating, they usually start with the Christmas tree and lights. And it’s true that traditional holiday decorations almost always seem to center round the festive evergreen, with its wide range of ornament choices and special pine fragrance.

But there are plenty more possibilities to help you deck your home with colorful touches inspired by nature and the winter season. The dark green hues often associated with the Christmas decorations are a wonderful backdrop for red, gold and silver accents, and the branches of trees such as the Balsam Fir, the Fraser Fir or the Scotch Pine can be used to decorate mantelpieces, form a basis for table center arrangements or provide a background for Christmas wreaths.

Even if you buy a standard wreath, garland or swag, you have all kinds of possibilities for decorating it in your own personal style. And another good aspect of these additions is that you may be able to detach them when it’s time to take decorations down and store them for re-use next season.

Christmas wreaths, door garlands and swags are delightful embellishments to complement your tree and extend the evergreen theme of winter to other parts of your home, inside and out. With a little imagination and creativity, you can personalize store-bought items to give them a unique look and charm.


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