30+ Amazing Mason Jars Ideas For Valentine Day

They really are a hot trend right now for anything from cookie mixes in jars to wedding centerpieces. So this article is going to look at a couple of different things you can either make yourself, which is the least expensive way to do them, or that you look online for on sites like Etsy or eBay.

A lot of crafters have come up with a lot of fun and creative gifts as a way to make some extra money. So if you’re not really into crafting yourself or don’t really have the time, head to Etsy and eBay and search for the perfect ideas for the people on your list.

Our specialty actually. Besides gifts for Christmas, we’ve done personalized redneck wine glasses for weddings and fundraiser give-aways too.

Even though they’re pretty easy to make, they are time-consuming depending on how you’re decorating them and how long you want the customization to last, which is why we sell a lot. Not everyone has that kind of time and they’d rather someone else make them.

Redneck wine glasses make great gifts for the sports fan, for country theme weddings, for home d├ęcor or just a conversation piece to sit at your bar.

Another fun idea is making snow globes out of the jars. Think outside the box for this one because snow globes aren’t just for Christmas.

My kids gave me a snow globe one year for a birthday gift in September. It’s a beautiful wolf in the mountains. Well, it snows all year round in the northern mountains, so my snow globe stays out on display all the time.

Think of other things that can make creative glitter or snow globes for any season. They’re pretty easy to make, and the “snow” can be different color glitter instead of white or silver.


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