30+ Adorable Contemporary Bathroom Ideas To Inspire

A contemporary bathroom needs a contemporary vanity. Those, which are marked antique, are good, but they are not suitable for today’s bathrooms. With their heavy and ornate designs, they may look too cumbersome to go with modern bathroom fixtures. Therefore, buy contemporary bathroom vanities for contemporary bathrooms. It is as safe as it can be.

Let us have few words about different types of vanities first. All the bathroom vanities can be categorized as antique, transitional and contemporary.

The antique designs are, as I said, heavy and ornate. They are mostly made from wood and with a dash of copper or brass, they really look gorgeous. However, as I said, they may look a little unwieldy if your bathroom is small or other fixtures are contemporary.

The transitional vanities are less ornate than the antique, but they too are quite bulky to be suitable for modern bathroom styles.

Contemporary bathroom vanities are sleek. They have simple look and minimalist designs. They can be made from any material and that includes glass, wood or porcelain, natural stones like marble or granite and metal like brass or steel.

Then again, some designers have put up another category of vanities. They have called them modern bathroom vanities. They are more or less same as contemporary bathroom vanities, but if you look carefully, you will find them less contemporary than contemporary designs. However, to the undiscerning eyes, there is no difference at all. Therefore, if you have a small bathroom or if your existing fixtures are contemporary in design, you can look for either a contemporary or a modern vanity to go with them.


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