20+ Perfect Christmas Stocking Decoration Ideas

A Christmas stocking is one of the hallmarks of Christmas because everyone has them and we all know what they are. Even though everyone has a different Christmas stocking, we all love our stocking and seeing it brings back memories from the past. Stockings are just one of those things that make Christmas what it is, and without it things would seem strange and just sort of out of whack. What would Christmas being without the stockings hanging on the fireplace?

For many families, seeing what is in the Christmas stocking is more exciting than opening gifts. The items that are in the Christmas stocking are usually a surprise, so you can get some great little things that you weren’t expecting. A lot of kids get up on Christmas morning and run right to their Christmas stocking to see what surprises might be inside and then they move on to what they asked Santa for to see if he came through on all of their favorite things. There’s something about the stocking though, it’s a different kind of fun than opening actual presents.

When you are looking to buy a Christmas stocking, you can find them just about anywhere during the holiday season. If you are looking for your typical red stocking with white trim you’ll be able to pick one up anywhere you look, even the grocery store, for about five dollars. If you want something a bit more fancy you can find those, too. There are large Christmas stocking sizes, different colors, differing fabrics, and even specialized shapes. There is Christmas stockings for new babies, little girls, little boys, and even a Christmas stocking for the family cat and dog. If you shop around you’ll find some really great Christmas stockings that are beautiful and unique to each person in your family. You can order a Christmas stocking that is personalized with a name, date of birth, or any other information that you would like the stocking to contain.

If you just buy a plain Christmas stocking you can still personalize it. A fun activity for the whole family is to have a stocking decorating party. Glitter glue, precut felt pieces, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and sequins could be bought so that everyone can decorate their Christmas stocking in the way that they like. This way, when you hang the Christmas stockings above the fireplace they all look original and you can easily tell who’s stocking is whose. This is a good family activity that will bring everyone together for an hour or so while everyone gets creative and has some fun, offer cookies and drinks to keep the fun going!

A Christmas stocking seems so unsubstantial, but if yours was missing this Christmas you couldn’t help but notice. Stockings are a bigger part of Christmas than we realize, as they are part of the decor and also part of the gift process. Decorating and buying a stocking can be a lot of fun, because you can make it yours so that Santa knows where to put your stuff when he comes to visit!


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