20+ Awesome Country Christmas Decoration Ideas

There is something really special about Christmas decorating in a country theme. Even if you were raised in the city, an old fashioned country Christmas can really make things special for the holidays.

Decorating your home with a touch of country can be fun. There are many creative ways to bring a little country to your home this Christmas without breaking your budget. It is also a great way to get the children involved in the festivities.

One thing you will notice about country Christmas decorating is that it is very simple yet has a lot of charm. Try to bring some of that charm into your home by keeping things simple.

One idea for Christmas decorating in the country theme is to first start out with handmade decorations for your tree. Something as simple as a few ornaments cut out of felt and plaid hung and on the tree will make a warm and welcoming statement for anyone that sees them.

Have the kids help you make the decorations. Use pinking sheers for cutting out some of them, which will give them a cute zigzag edge. In country decorating things don’t have to be perfect and the little imperfections will just add to the charm.

String cranberries and popcorn on dental floss for garland for an old fashioned country Christmas tree. Be sure to use a popcorn popper so you can have oil free popcorn. After the holidays you can even put the garland outside for a treat for the birds Just be sure to remove the dental floss when it is empty so that the birds and animals don’t get hurt. Check online for more detailed instructions and safety tips.


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