20+ Stunning Christmas Centerpiece Decoration Ideas

Ideas for Christmas Centerpieces come from a variety of different sources. Tradition, (Traditional Balsam) holiday favorites (Ribbon Candy) locations (State of Maine Centerpiece) local industries (Blueberry Centerpiece and Lobster Trap Centerpiece) or just the majesty of the season (Home for the Holiday Centerpiece and the Winter Centerpiece) can be used as inspiration. The material you wish to use can also provide ideas for Christmas Centerpieces. Fresh evergreen, dried flowers, faux berries, twigs and ornaments can be used to create a centerpiece.

There are three main components to any winter piece. The first is a container; the container can be utilitarian or can be the main focus of your Christmas centerpiece. Plastic dishes, buckets, coffee mugs, buckets, miniature sleighs just about anything that can hold decorations can be used as a container.

The second component is the base, fresh evergreens, and flowers, either fresh or artificial are the most common materials used for holiday centerpieces. Pinecones, candies, faux snow and ribbons can all be used as bases to create unique and imaginative centerpieces. The third component is the most diverse decoration. Most Christmas centerpieces feature a candle of some type, tapers, pillars and votives are all popular choices. A bow or ribbon decoration is also a common decoration for a centerpiece. The possibilities are literally too numerous to list for decorating Christmas centerpieces.

The most important thing to remember when deciding on a piece is to include a little of your own personality in the design and features you add to it.


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