30+ Stylish Extendable Farmhouse Table Design Ideas

The farmhouse gives you a sense of home and family. It is full of activity, especially around the table. They say old is gold, a reason you should make your table look inviting at all times. Whether you have a farmhouse dining table or oval coffee table, the idea is to make it warm so that everybody can enjoy being around it. Farmhouse tables are strong and rustic but you can give them life by adding various decorations. Here are some great tips for enhancing that country look.

A dining table is the center of two important meals, lunch and dinner. Since your family has to sit around it two times a day it should be inviting and warm. One way to make it warm is using various colors. You can ensure that you bring a variety of color to your table using various tablecloths. Warm colors such as red, white, brown can bring the perfect appealing effect. In addition, making use of different designs for your tablecloths will create added interest. You can add variety to the designs by knitting or embroidering table clothes.

Since your dining table is the focal point, it should also communicate this fact. You can ensure it does this by having an interesting centerpiece such as a flower vase or salt and pepper shaker. Using old cans made from tin or plastic would still be appealing if you get to use fresh roses or sunflowers from your garden. Ensure that the flowers have good scent to avoid annoying your family as they dine. The saltshaker, on the other hand, would look great in the middle of the table if it has a farm animal structure such as a sheep or cow.

The other center of attraction is your coffee table. While an oval coffee table has a unique design you can still add a few details to it. You can make it warm and inviting by placing magazines on it or post cards. These would keep the people at the table busy and entertained. You can also have the sofas all around the table in order to create a social environment where your family can talk and bond more. Establishing a place that adds comfort, unique d├ęcor, and an inviting vibe are essential.


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