20+ Popular Farmhouse Style Bar Stools Ideas

Farmhouse chairs are very popular in public houses; they offer a more welcoming style rather than erring on the pretentious side. Having farmhouse chairs in your home or public house can often add that rustic comfort to the surroundings.

In a home the dining room is usually where farmhouse chairs are placed. Because farmhouse types of furniture are larger than regular furniture and is usually made of pure oak or pine, they can be made to suit almost any type of decor; in fact, if you are deciding to renovate your home or just make a small change in the way that your home looks and feels, then you have many different types of choices when it comes to farmhouse chairs. This style of chair is also an essential and authentic feature in many public houses throughout England, they help create that typical English feel.

One type of farmhouse chair that you can pick from is the spindle back chair. The spindle back chair has two horizontal slats and small wood rods that are put between two vertical posts. This is a very common type of farmhouse chair. Another chair is the wheat back chair. The wheat back chair is a little smaller than the spindle back, and it gets its name from the sheath of wheat look because the spindles are pulled closer together in the middle of the back of the chair. The third type of farmhouse chair is the ladder back chair, this type of chair can be found in many pubs and restaurants, the chair gets its name from the three or four horizontal slats giving it a ladder look. The final type of chair that is also quite popular is the bench chair, this chair is very popular because it can fit two or three people and even more, depending on how wide and long the chair is.

The beauty of having farmhouse furniture can often be that you can often find that it doesn’t matter if the furniture gets scratched because it adds to the rustic type of style that farmhouse chairs and tables can give to a room. If you have decided to make the switch, there are many different options that you can choose from. In fact, many people decide just to change or transform their kitchen into a farmhouse style. Also, another great way to achieve the farmhouse look is to take a look at magazines where you can often see how they have blended this style with a contemporary style, or better yet you can decide to transform an entire room into a farmhouse type style.


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