20+ Cozy Minimalist Farmhouse Tv Stand Ideas

The style of LCD TV stand which is most often neglected and under appreciated is the pedestal stand. Many people have never head of this category at all. Those that have will only have a vague sense of what it refers to. And yet these television stands are a great modern way to make the most of small spaces in a sleek fashion that looks great at the same time. There are two distinct types of pedestal LCD stand, each with its own unique uses.

The defining characteristic of a pedestal stand is that the television screen is mounted by its back on a single column for support. Because it’s a column holding aloft a treasured object, the design is referred to as a pedestal. This is a very minimalistic style which often is nothing more than the column with a base support. It’s not uncommon to find these with shelving or other amenities, if you look hard enough. Many pedestal TV stands give you the option to change the height, allowing you to customize it for you room. Since the entire stand is essentially a single column support and screen, it barely takes up any room at all, allowing you to save on space. This is perfect for smaller apartments or college living.

Another distinct type of pedestal stand is the desktop design. This is just like the floor based model, but mounted directly onto a table or desk. This kind of pedestal stand is more suited for smaller LCD screens as the pedestal supports can’t usually take too much weight. You can get really creative with placements and options for this LCD TV stand, though, making it a perfect choice for many situations.

One option is to use it for teleconferencing. By attaching the pedestal stand to the table next to the person’s usual seat, it’s just like they’re actually there. Another creative use is in the kitchen. Attaching the pedestal to a kitchen island or counter top will provide you with entertainment while you cook. There are many more niches that this great little device can fill, so long as you put your mind to it.


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