30+ Modern Farmhouse Sink Faucet Design Ideas

Farmhouse sinks are the perfect choice, and the center of attention, for a cottage style house. This type of sink stands out in the perfect farmhouse kitchen, with everything needed for a great meal right at your fingertips.

Farmhouse sinks do not only come in the basic white. There are now some sinks that come in a variety of colors and materials. Stainless steel is one of those kinds of sinks. It is both modern and traditional at the same time. Stone is also a popular and attractive type of famhouse sink.

For the more popular and modern sinks of today, many of them are copper farm sinks. They come in different shapes and shades, such as the s-shape, square, rectangular, and all of these shapes come in a single or double bowl. Some of the sinks have an apron front and some of them have a unique design on the front. Copper comes in different shades ranging from the copper color itself, to light gray, dark gray, black and even some in a two-tone color.

The original farm sinks were made of fired clay. Brickwork or a simple cabinet were used to hold up the sink. Since plumbing wasn’t what it is today, the base of the sink was made on the wall on the outside of the house, and possibly also used as a washtub. The sinks were not put in for beauty or design, but for practical purposes and ease of use.


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