30+ Magnificient Rustic Country Kitchen Ideas To Renew Your Ordinary Kitchen

Country kitchens have such a comfortable, homely feel about them is it any wonder they are still such a popular kitchen theme. Most country kitchen decor focuses on the use of natural materials, obviously because there weren’t the modern man-made materials around in the era of early rural life.

The rustic charm of country kitchen decor begins with the walls of the kitchen. You want these to be made from natural material like rough bricks, or wood or if the walls are made from plaster, you want them painted in a neutral earthy color.

The floors of country style kitchens are usually made from wood or some have professionally laid brickwork which really adds a lot of authenticity to the look of the kitchen. You could also use tiles with a matt finish in rich earthy colors.

The ceiling of the kitchen is usually distinguished by large open beams and a country kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a bricked fireplace.


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