20+ Popular Rustic Country Home Decor Ideas

Country home decorating is usually referred to as a “rustic” decorating style and can be created whether you live in a cottage style home, a mountain retreat home or a modern urban apartment. Your home is your castle and you can create the look and style of country homes no matter where you live.

Cottage style homes are often made of stone or log and offer a comfortable “down-home” feeling and is usually simple, charming and unfussy in its decorating style. You’ll want to incorporate the use of stone and natural woods, like pine that may be unfinished, aged, weathered and hand-painted with designs such as birds, animals, country scenery, flowers or leaves.

Rustic country decor is about handcrafted objects and furnishings that connect back to nature. Rustic country décor can start in the kitchen with a large rectangular pine table, aged and weathered, partnered with ladderback chairs. Vintage wrought-iron or metal chandeliers above the table is appropriate for rustic décor lighting as well as hurricane and oil or kerosene lamps.

Vintage hardware in wrought-iron or metal is a great country home decorating idea and is available in many different styles and finishes. Use hutches and cupboards with open shelves and plate racks for displaying colored plates and dinnerware collections in earth tones, bone white, or blues and greens, glazed earthenware and glass jars.


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