20+ Popular Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget

People have a tendency to decorate an apartment much differently than they would decorate a home. After all, who wants to spend a lot of time and money designing a place they don’t own? Fortunately, there are numerous upgrades and decorating ideas that can make an apartment more like a permanent home without spending too much money on upgrades that will be left behind.

Most apartments come with a generic white paint job, unless you’re lucky enough to have landed in a historical district. Repainting an apartment is usually expensive, and doing it yourself is time consuming. However, accent painting is about 1/8 of the work for a fraction of the cost of painting the entire place. This is assuming of course that painting of the walls is permitted in the lease.

Most apartment leases allow painting provided it is either completed in normal apartment colors or is painted back to the original color upon termination of the lease. Accent painting can involve just molding, or it can even include the texture of a textured wall. Adding borders give the walls a more personal look, and can be done either with pain or with wallpaper borders.

Ceiling fans can add character and also lower bills. Ceiling fans can also be installed so that when the lease is up or the termination of your time has come, you can disassemble it and take it with you. Ceiling fans come in such a wide variety of styles, that they can go a long way in making an apartment unique and more personalized. Choose one that you think you’ll love forever and you’ve got yourself a ceiling fan for your next place.

Floating hardwood floors are ultimately not that expensive. An entire floor can be laid for an average apartment sized room for less than $200 is you get your flooring from discount places. Add to that some unique wall hangings instead of pictures, and between $300 and $400 gives you an entirely new room that can be disassembled when you’re through. Floors are difficult to disassemble and take with you, but they can be disassembled to reveal the original flooring which is important to some landlords. Of course, using wall hangings throughout the room is something that can go with you wherever you end up.


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