20+ Incredible Fancy French Country Dining Room Design Ideas

Sitting in the small cafe in the French countryside, it suddenly hits you. Between inhaling the fresh air from the open French fields and sipping at your wine, you realize what is missing from this scene. Where is the rest of your family? This may be a memorable country dining room for you, but there must be a way that you can bring this idea home to the rest of your family. There is. All you have to do is have the right furniture set for your house to foster warm family gatherings.

Many studies have shown that families who share meals together are tighter knit, and those children are more emotionally stable and have stronger values, but with modern life, arranging for the family to sit down together at breakfast is often a nearly impossible task. Why not work these gatherings into your schedule, the same as any appointment and have them in a country dining room instead. Imagine your family feasting in a country dining room and talking of the most mundane things: “Is your homework done?” “Mom, did you sign my permission slip?” “I need some lunch money for tomorrow.” At first there will some grumblings in your country dining room about having to change schedules, but as your family adjusts, the notion will grow on everyone in a positive manner. Once your children have become adults, they, too, may find themselves passing on the tradition of a family meal. Why not have a beautiful country dining room to pass on to them as a physical reminder of that tradition?

Not only are you sharing ideas, but nutrition as well. Children – and parents – who eat together, perhaps in a country dining room, perform better in work and school. An evening meal can help everyone to wind down after a long day, and it also ensures that everyone has at least one healthy meal that day. Even if you allow your children to sit at the cold lunch tables in their school cafeteria for their meals, how can you be sure that what they are being served is healthy or even that they are actually eating it? And what about yourself? Good nutrition affects your performance as well as your children’s. You need to be your best for work because your children depend upon that paycheck that you bring home. The only surefire way is to make sure that you and your children eat well, is for them to eat under your nose, feasting upon the food that you have made for them yourself. A country dining room for family meals is a guarantee to ensure that your children are getting the nutrition that they – and you – need.

Sitting around a country dining room benefits yourself as well as your children.


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