30+ Great Front Porch Addition Ranch Remodeling Ideas

America has a long history of ‘community’ connections. It began in our pioneer days when helping one another with protection and ranching was necessary.

Our earliest homes reflect the inevitable ‘front porch’. It is an American heritage!

Depending on your location you probably have a porch, enclosed porch, patio or lanai to enjoy the outdoors.

If you want to reconnect with your neighbors or the community, head to your front porch or whatever outdoor space your home offers.

These spaces can and should become an extension of your home. Family members and visitors can spill out onto these areas to relax and enjoy whatever ‘nature’ your location has to offer. If you live in a metropolis ‘jungle’ help is on the way!

A few years ago I went to L.A. on a business venture. My niece lived in Newport Beach, CA so the trip provided some time to ‘catch up’ and visit with her.

She lived on an upper floor, directly on the beach but facing the street. My impression of Newport Beach is that every street is busy!


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