20+ Attractive Black And White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Over the years, many different themes of decorating have come and gone. Considering all the rooms in a home, the kitchen design is one of the most important because this room needs to not only be beautiful but it also needs to be highly functional. If you are one who leans toward the modern design options, then you may love the idea of a cool black and white kitchen.

In the past, white kitchen cabinets were connected with a country kitchen, the beach cottage style kitchen, and sometimes even a French inspired theme. But did you know that white kitchen cabinets can be the anchor that pulls your modern kitchen together for a fabulous cohesive work of art? In the modern kitchen, white kitchen cabinets can be the whole base of your overall design.

Here are a few tips for how to pull off a modern kitchen design that draws you in and makes this your favorite room in your house. If you start with white kitchen cabinets or choose those to be your focal point, you could paint the walls a bold charcoal hue; even black if you want to go that far. The contrast between black and white has always been striking, but the modern kitchen could also use a deep brown, gray, or even blood red color on the walls if you want to be different.

One thing to keep in mind in terms of color is that the white used in a modern white kitchen needs to be the whitest white. Paint chips are deceiving, so the best plan of attack is to go straight to the source and request a true white at the paint store. Ivory or eggshell will absolutely ruin the look of your modern white kitchen.

If you prefer the look of white on the walls and darker cabinets, you could consider replacing your existing cabinets with ready to assemble kitchen cabinets in a dark, modern finish. Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are available in a wide variety of colors and are pretty easy to put together and install on your own.


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